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Apple releases iOS and iPadOS 13.6 with CarKey, bug fixes, and more

Even as the iOS 14 public beta remains in its early days, Apple today released iOS and iPadOS 13.6. With the update, users can decide to download iOS and iPadOS updates but not install them. Or, users can decide to download iOS and iPadOS updates and install them overnight. The devices taking advantage of the automatic software updates must be charging and connected to the internet via Wi-Fi to finish updating. You can customize this feature by going to Settings > General > Software Update > Customize Automatic Updates.
The update adds new categories in the health app for symptoms that come up in the Cycle Tracking and ECG apps. It also adds new symptoms including fever, chills, sore throat, or coughing, and allows iOS and iPadOS users to share these symptoms with third-party apps. The iOS 13.6 update also adds audio features to the Apple News+ subscription app for the iPhone and iPad. It also enables the CarKey feature for the iPhone. This allows you to control a compatible automobile using your handset. Apple just posted a new support page this morning. The key is added to the iOS Wallet app and the feature will also work with the Apple Watch Series 5.

Check out the support page to see how to set up the feature. If you use Express Mode you can put your iPhone near the car door to unlock it. And placing the iPhone near the car’s key reader will start the engine. If you turn off the Express Mode, you will have to authenticate every time you want to use your phone as a car key. Even if your iPhone battery needs to be charged, in ExpressMode it still will be able to run CarKey for up to five hours after it starts using power reserve. And you can share your digital keys with someone you trust by sending it to them via iMessage. The other party must have a compatible iPhone.

The update also adds FaceTime to users in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). The country had banned the video chat app and even with today’s update, Apple failed to mention this in its support notes. The update also exterminates some bugs including one that drained users’ batteries after the iOS 13.5 and iOS 13.5.1 updates.

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