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LEGO partners with Monumental Valley developer Ustwo for LEGO Super Mario app | Pocket Gamer.biz

The LEGO Group has partnered with Monument Valley creator Ustwo on its upcoming LEGO Super Mario app on mobile.

As confirmed via LEGO digital design lead Jonathan Bennink in an interview with PocketGamer.biz, the development will be carried out by the company’s Malmo office in Sweden. A number of designers and producers from LEGO will also contribute to the project.

The app will primarily be used to update the LEGO Mario figure and will need to be installed for anyone purchasing expansion packs for the starter set. Bennick stated that the app will receive a few updates for gameplay and any changes throughout the year.

Additionally, the companion app will feature building instructions, an inspiration section for new ideas, as well as a photo album to upload level designs.

Natural app onboarding

“We’ve tried with physical building instructions on how to onboard players but you can’t explain how to walk with Mario or how to work the platforms,” said Bennink when speaking on the decision to create an app for the product.

“This way of onboarding is very natural for kids so that they understand what’s happening and how to get the coins.”

The LEGO Super Mario app is expected to go live “a couple of days before” the official launch of the LEGO Super Mario set on August 1st, 2020. It will be available to download across iOS, Android, and Kindle devices.

PocketGamer.biz has reached out to Ustwo for more details on the partnership.

An in-game screenshot of the LEGO Super Mario app

You can read the full interview with Jonathan Bennink on bringing Nintendo’s mascot to life with bricks right here.

Alongside the Monument Valley series, Ustwo most recently launched Assemble with Care exclusively on Apple Arcade.

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