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Microsoft Flight Simulator comes on 10 DVDs and is 90GB

That’s a lot of discs (pic: Aerosoft)

There’s going to be not one but two physical editions of Microsoft Flight Simulator, to help out those with slower broadband connections.

When ordinary publishers like Capcom are talking about sales being 80% digital you know the days of physical releases are coming to an end, but if you want a boxed copy of Microsoft Flight Simulator then it’s going to be quite the addition to your collection.

The game (or, rather, simulation) weighs in at around 90GB and for some reason the physical edition doesn’t come on Blu-ray but instead 10 double-layer DVDs.

If they had put everything on Blu-ray it probably would’ve only needed two, but it’s unclear whether using DVDs is a cost-cutting measure or just something being done for the publicity.

Distributor Aerosoft certainly seem keen on the whole idea, with Mathijs Kok promising two boxed versions of the game in Europe and boasting on the company’s forum that it includes ‘10 (!) double-layer DVDs and a printed manual in a spectacular box, it is an ideal way of entering the new age of flight simulation.’

As bizarre as it all sounds you only have to install the game once (it’s not like you’re going to be doing any old school disc-swapping) and a 90GB+ download is not something those with a slow broadband connection are going to relish.

There don’t seem to be any UK prices on Aerosoft’s store but the standard edition costs €69.99 (£63) and the premium deluxe edition is €129.99 (£118).

The difference between the two editions is really only the content, with the premium deluxe edition containing an additional 10 planes and an extra 10 international airports.

There’s a third digital-only edition that fits between the two, in terms of price, and you can find the (very long) list of differences here.

Boxes aren’t dead yet (pic: Aerosoft)

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