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PCWorld Exclusive: Windows 10 Pro just $39.99 (80% off retail) -- Deal Alert

If you didn’t catch this ridiculous offer in June, you’re in luck as it’s been extended through at least part of July. PCWorld, through our partner Mediamart, has secured a rock bottom price on Windows 10 Pro. You’ll find it here in the PCWorld software store. Get it for just $39.99, 80% off its typical price of $199.99. Yes, this is the real thing. A Microsoft-licensed retail version of Windows 10 Pro, and not an OEM version. If you’re already using Windows 10 Home, you can drop in the product key you purchase for Professional, and your PC will upgrade accordingly. Sound too good to be true? Our editor-in-chief Jon Phillips wrote a more in-depth article about it here: “Exclusive deal: Get Windows 10 Pro for only $39.99 (that’s 80% off retail)“. The offer is live right now in the PCWorld software store, which is run by a partner of ours and has other solid deals on popular software packages as well.

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