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When do you charge your phone? (Poll of the Week)

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Charging your phone overnight might be the most obvious time to do so, but it’s not the best for your phone’s battery longevity. A number of factors can put stress on your battery while idle charging, which can lead to excess heat in the short term and reduced battery stability in the long term.

You might not feel the need to charge overnight anymore, as more and more companies are touting crazy new fast charging tech. The theory is, you can give your phone a significant amount of battery life after only a few minutes on the charger. While convenient, this can unsurprisingly hurt your battery in the long run if you’re constantly relying on quick top-ups all day, every day.

When do you charge your phone? Are you an overnight charger? Or do you charge throughout the day, only when your phone needs it? I used to be an only-charge-at-night user, but after reading Rob’s fantastic battery tips article, I quickly changed my habits.

Cast your vote in the poll below and tell us your thoughts in the comments.

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