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11 Video Games You'll Want to Buy in November

November is a big month for gaming, as the Sony PS5 and Xbox Series X/S finally arrive. With the holidays rolling in on top of that, publishers are working hard to entice you with big game releases. To help narrow your focus, we’ve selected a handful of the best and most promising games slated for a November launch.

The new consoles deliver many benefits to previously released games. Titles like Borderlands 3 and Gears 5 receive spiffy graphics and performance boosts, which are nice perks if you already own the games. New releases, like October’s Watch Dogs: Legion, have dedicated next-gen versions slated to release alongside the consoles. If you want a unique and exclusive game for the new console generation, there are a few of those, too. Demon’s Souls gets a PS5 remake that delivers a fresh, remastered challenge for action-RPG fans. 

Read on to see what else these next few weeks have in store.

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