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ByteBrew shakes up the mobile game tech industry with their new free platform | Pocket Gamer.biz

Built by game developers for game developers, ByteBrew was created to be the all-in-one platform for growing mobile games by giving developers access to the analytic tools large publishers utilise to scale their games.

ByteBrew’s centralised dashboard shakes up the mobile game industry by removing the implementation of multiple costly services by connecting all of ByteBrew’s platform technology in one lightweight SDK – for free without monthly fees or conversion charges.

What’s in the box?

Analytics: Track Everything and Anything

Using ByteBrew’s analytics dashboard, developers automatically start tracking all of the essential engagement and monetization metrics that are used to measure the performance of their mobile games. Going further than the essential metrics, the platform enables developers to accurately predict LTV and ROAS, as well as set up custom event tracking to analyze any in-game events.

Attribution: Mobile Measurement without fees

Developers who sign up for ByteBrew automatically connect to the ByteBrew attribution measurement network. Developers using ByteBrew attribution can measure all incoming marketing metrics such as: impressions, clicks, installs, and CPI – with performance breakdowns of each ad network they use. ByteBrew is already integrated with the industry’s top mobile ad networks and continues to add more with each update.

Automation: Let us do the work

ByteBrew’s UA automation dashboard allows developers to create data-based automated campaign rules. ByteBrew’s automation system actively analyzes each running campaign, collecting data, to effectively optimize developer’s campaigns. Developers can actively visualize their campaign results on the dashboard to see live tracking marketing metrics.

Who’s behind the platform?

Coming from over a decade of combined experience in the mobile game industry, ByteBrew creators Cameron and Kian Hozouri, know first hand the financial and technological resources that are required to scale mobile games. Set out to alter the mobile industry, the brothers developed ByteBrew to give developers the technology needed to compete on the top charts of the app stores.

ByteBrew will be announcing their open beta soon. To keep up to date with their upcoming announcements go to bytebrew.io to sign up for their newsletter. If you have any questions or inquiries about the service feel free to contact, contact@bytebrew.io.

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