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Documentary Arcade Dreams Will Explore Over 100 Years Of Gaming History

Arcades have changed dramatically over the last few decades, both in their prevalence and the games within, but their existence goes back much further than that. In the documentary series Arcade Dreams, which is currently raising funds on Kickstarter, Rock Steady Media aims to show how the industry evolved from simple mechanical amusements to advanced video games and VR.

“Starting with the mechanical penny arcades of the early 1900s, the documentary series chronicles the evolution of arcade gaming from mechanical marvels through to classic cabinets, crazy rides, and the ultra-immersive VR experiences of today,” the creators said in a press release.

Though not expected until 2022, director Zach Weddington and his team have already captured hundreds of hours of footage spanning several decades of arcade games, and the series will feature interviews with arcade legends like Gary Stern of Stern Pinball and Eugene Jarvis. Jarvis practically invented the twin-stick shooter with classics like Robotron 2084 and Smash TV. His company Raw Thrills is also responsible for countless modern arcade cabinets.

Games and machines featured in the series include Duck Hunt, SpaceWar!, Out Run, Street Fighter, and Space Invaders, as well as early and modern pinball tables.

Arcade Dreams will be available to back through Kickstarter until December 5, with a goal of $95,000. Nearly half the content has already been shot, and the goal is for the series to be about three hours in total. Aside from digital and physical versions of the series, rewards include a companion album, exclusive mini-documentary content, enamel pins, shirts, and stickers.

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