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First iPhone 12 vs 12 Pro specs benchmark outs memory, A14 speed scores

Say what you will about the amount of operating memory that Apple puts in their phones, but it seems to always be enough, and its homebrew A-series processors more than make up for the RAM amount in benchmarks.

The latest case in point are what seems to be the first Apple iPhone 12 vs iPhone 12 Pro benchmark scores, unearthed by MySmartPrice, and on the cross-platform AnTuTu system performance test at that. Thus, we get to both get a glimpse of the RAM amounts that Apple doesn’t share in its iPhone specs, and compare the first 5nm mobile processor, the Apple A14, against, say, a flagship Snapdragon 865 Android system.

Apple iPhone 12/Pro A14 vs Snapdragon 865 benchmark scores

  • iPhone 12 vs 12 Pro benchmark score: 564899 vs 572133 on AnTuTu
  • iPhone 12 Pro vs Galaxy S20 FE benchmark score: 572133 vs 573211 on AnTuTu
As you can see, the iPhone 12 scored slightly lower than the 12 Pro on the complex AnTuTu benchmark that measures system performance as a whole, including memory read/write abilities, not just processor speeds.

That’s pretty easy to explain, as, despite the identical A14 chipsets and 6.1″ 457 PPI displays, there is a difference in the iPhone 12 vs 12 Pro specs, not as major as an extra telephoto camera, but a significant 6GB RAM bump on the 12 Pro, compared to the 4GB on the iPhone 12.
What’s more interesting to note, however, is that the $699 Galaxy S20 FE, for instance, with its Snapdragon 865 processor, scored a bit more than the $999 iPhone 12 Pro. Granted, it has a slightly lower pixel density, but Samsung has equipped the US version with 6GB RAM, as much as the 12 Pro has. 
While we are fairly certain that the S20 FE could give way in single processor core scores on benchmarks like Geekbench, for instance, if history is any indication, it still holds up very well as a whole against Apple’s finest 6.1-incher that is way more expensive. Perhaps our Galaxy S20 FE vs iPhone 12 comparison could be augmented with the 12 Pro as well, even though the phones are in totally different price categories.

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