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Gears 5 on Xbox Series X adds Dave Bautista and New Game+ to campaign

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Among the various next gen upgrades on Xbox Series X, Gears 5 players can play through the campaign as former WWE star Dave Bautista.

Gears 5’s Xbox Series X/S upgrade already improves the game’s frame rate to 120fps and is free to anyone who bought the original game.

Now, developer The Coalition has provided more reasons for players to check out the next gen upgrade, with new updates coming to both its campaign and multiplayer modes.

Firstly, there will be new character skins that can be unlocked and used during the campaign, but one that will be available from the beginning is one based on former pro wrestler and WWE star Dave Bautista.

Also known by his old ring name, Batista, he initially appeared as a skin in Gears 5’s multiplayer, but now he’s made the jump to the main game as an alternate skin of series veteran Marcus Fenix, complete with an alternate voice over too.

This isn’t too surprising considering Bautista has wanted a Gears Of War movie to be made and even called playing Marcus his dream role.

‘Woah, I’m seeing double: four Marcus’!’ (Pic: The Coalition)

The campaign will also receive a New Game+ mode, though you won’t need to unlock it and can play it straight away.

The big difference is that New Game+ offers more customisation, such as skins like the aforementioned Batista one, mutators like a big head mode, and two new difficulty modes.

The first, Inconceivable, is your standard harder than hard difficulty, but the second, Iron Man, requires you to play through the entire game with only one life.

‘If you’re familiar with that in games like XCOM, [which] maybe is the best example where you don’t want to die ever – you’re trying to play through with one life’ said principal lead producer ZoĆ« Curnoe in an interview with IGN.

‘That’s really challenging and that’s where bringing over your OP Jack is going to help you get through that. Or certainly playing through co-op if you’re both in Ironman, that would be a really fun thing to challenge as well.’

As for multiplayer, The Coalition has confirmed that it will also run at 120fps and support cross-play with both Xbox One and PC owners.

Anyone who might not be able to upgrade straight away needn’t worry as, aside from the improved frame rate, all of these updates will be made available on the Xbox One and PC versions too.

Gears 5 will release for Xbox Series X/S at launch on November 12.

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