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How do you put your phone in your pocket?

We already know which pocket most of our readers put their smartphone in, but based on a rather heated discussion at the Android Police workplace, we’re curious precisely how you put it in your pocket. Does it slide in upside down, face against your leg, or do you flip it around a different way? How do you orient your phone in your pocket when you put it away?

This week’s question comes courtesy of AP’s Stephen Schenck, who expressed what we considered the curious habit of rotating his phone before putting it in his pocket — as in, placing it right-side up, with the charging port pointed down. Most of us at Android Police put our phone away more simply, placing it in the pocket as it’s oriented when the hand slides in, upside down with the screen against the body. This division in approach resulted in some strong feelings.

Stephen’s clearly psychopathic tendencies aside, I have to admit there are a lot of reasons you might put your phone in your pocket in a very particular orientation, like headphone jack placement. So what’s your habit? How do you put your phone in your pocket?

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