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OnePlus N10 5G and N100 Phones Tipped for US Release With Mid-Tier Prices

The OnePlus N10 5G (left) and the N100 (Credit: OnePlus)

Two new smartphones from OnePlus may be headed to the North American market soon, starting at only $250 and $450. 

The OnePlus N100 and N10 5G, a pair of Android smartphones, will first go on sale in Europe.

Both products are part of the OnePlus Nord line, the company’s answer to consumers looking for a more affordable mid-tier product. The first model, the OnePlus Nord, arrived in August for around $450 and came packed with strong features, making it a great deal for consumers. 

However, the Nord has only been officially available in Europe and India. US consumers, on the other hand, have had to settle for the company’s pricier flagship products, which can start at $600 or more. (Earlier this month, OnePlus also launched the 8T, which goes for $749 and up.)

 N10 5G

The N10 5G (Credit: OnePlus)

Now it appears OnePlus is ready to bring the Nord line to the US. In today’s announcement, the company’s product manager Ricky Wang said availability in North America for the N10 5G and N100 “will be shared at a future date.”

The specs for the phone

The products’ biggest selling points are the low price: In the UK, the N100 will arrive starting at £179 ($233) while the N10 5G will go for £329 ($428). Another highlight is how the N10 also comes with support for 5G, although the company hasn’t said which 5G bands it’ll support in the US market.

We also like how both phones come with 3.5mm headphone jacks and microSD card slots for expandable memory. However, to bring down the product’s cost, OnePlus is using lower-end CPU processors from Qualcomm.

The N100 phone

The N100 (Credit: OnePlus)

The N100 also doesn’t have a camera capable of shooting 4K video or a 90Hz screen like the N10 5G does. (Here are full specs for the N100 and N10 5G.)

In Europe, the company hasn’t announced an official release date for the products. For now, OnePlus is offering local users a chance to learn about immediate availability through an email sign-up on its websites.

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