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PlayStation 5 release date in India might be earlier than expected

Sony announced that its next-generation console, the PlayStation 5, is going to be released on November 12 for primary countries and then on November 19 for others. But despite that announcement, the India division of the company kept quiet about the same for India. 

This gave rise to overall dissent among the Indian community and Sony apparently replied to some confirming previously that November 19 may not be the India release date. But following that, the company listed that the PS5 will be released in India on November 19 on its website. The page has since been removed. 

According to a report by The Mako Reactor, some twitter users were the first to spot this. And this would indicate that Sony may have resolved the trademarking issues that it was facing in India. And Sony’s plans for the global launch on November 19 remains the same.

(Image credit: The Mako Reactor)

Sony PS5 India trademarking issue

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