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Pokemon Crown Tundra Steed Guide: Which Steed Is Better?

One of the legends you’re tasked with investigating in Pokemon Sword and Shield‘s Crown Tundra DLC revolves around a brand-new Legendary Pokemon named Calyrex. In ages past, Calyrex was worshipped by the denizens of the Crown Tundra as a king. Over time, however, people’s belief in the Pokemon faded, and its powers waned in turn. It falls to you to help restore Calyrex’s power, and one of the ways to do that is by reuniting it with its steed. Crown Tundra spoilers follow.

Shortly after you meet Calyrex, the Legendary Pokemon asks for your help in locating its loyal steed. As it turns out, this steed is one of two alternate Legendary horse Pokemon: the Ice type Glastrier or the Ghost type Spectrier. Much in the way you could choose which Urshifu your Kubfu evolves into in the Isle of Armor expansion, which steed Calyrex rides is entirely up to you. However, you can only choose one of them, and your choice is permanent, so you’ll need to think carefully before you make your decision.

How To Choose A Steed

After you complete the introductory Dynamax Adventure and earn Dynite Ore, you’ll be able to purchase a bag of carrot seeds from the farmer in Freezington, the small village located near the Crown Tundra station. These seeds can be used to grow either an Iceroot Carrot or a Shaderoot Carrot, which in turn will determine which of the two steeds you summon.

The type of carrot you grow depends on where the seeds are planted. To produce an Iceroot Carrot, you’ll need to plant the seeds in the plot of land in Snowslide Slope. The Shaderoot Carrot, meanwhile, is grown by planting the seeds in the Old Cemetery.

After you’ve chosen a plot and planted the seeds, Calyrex will use what little power it has left to sprout a carrot. This will lure either Glastrier or Spectrier out of hiding and cause the Pokemon to head into Freezington. Return to the village and defeat it in battle to chase it off. The steed will leave behind a strand of hair from its mane, which you’ll need to weave together with the Radiant Petal you receive from Calyrex to forge the Reins of Unity.

Once you’ve obtained Reins of Unity, Calyrex will inform you that its steed is lurking in the Crown Shrine in the northernmost point of the Crown Tundra. Make your way to the shrine and place the carrot in the basket there to lure Glastrier or Spectrier out of hiding once more. Calyrex will then use the Reins of Unity to tame the steed and assume its Ice Rider or Shadow Rider form. As thanks for your aid in restoring its power, Calyrex will then give you the opportunity to catch it.

Which Steed Is Better?

Both Glastrier and Spectrier have the same base stat total, but their stats are distributed quite differently. Glastrier has low Speed but high Attack and defenses, making it a formidable tank. Spectrier, meanwhile, has high Speed and Special Attack but low defenses, making it more adept at striking quickly.

Although Glastrier and Spectrier can be used in battle individually, they can also combine with Calyrex into one Pokemon: Ice Rider Calyrex or Shadow Rider Calyrex. This fusion gives Calyrex a significant stat boost and a few other benefits. In its Ice Rider form, Calyrex becomes a Psychic/Ice type; in Shadow Rider form, it becomes Psychic/Ghost. Depending on which steed it rides, Calyrex’s stats are boosted accordingly; Ice Rider form has high defenses and Attack but low Speed, while Shadow Rider form has high Speed and Special Attack but low defenses.

In addition to the stat boost, Calyrex is able to use a few different moves depending on which form it assumes. In Ice Rider form, it is able to learn Ice-type attacks, including the signature move Glacial Lance, an incredibly powerful, physical Ice-type attack. Shadow Rider Calyrex, meanwhile, is able to learn Ghost-type moves. This form’s signature attack is Astral Barrage, a powerful, special Ghost-type move that damages all adjacent opponents.

Ultimately, which steed you choose depends on what battle strategy you prefer. Ice Rider Calyrex fits well on Trick Room teams thanks to its low Speed and naturally high Attack, while Shadow Rider Calyrex makes a good special sweeper, especially if it boosts its own stats with Nasty Plot or Calm Mind.

We have more Crown Tundra guides coming, so stayed tuned for further coverage. In the meantime, you can learn more about the DLC’s big new features and other additions in our roundup of everything we know about Crown Tundra. We’ve also outlined how to get to Crown Tundra itself and access all the new content.

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