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Visa’s Tap to Phone service wants to transform payment processing for small businesses

Visa is rolling out its popular Tap to Phone service to more regions around the globe following a surge in use. The service lets businesses accept contactless payments on any NFC-enabled Android device, without the need for any additional hardware. Sellers who want to use their Android phones or tablets as contactless or tap to pay payment processors can therefore bypass more commonly used point of sale terminals.

Following a pilot of the system, which has seen its use grow by 200% in several European countries, Tap to Phone will be made available in 15 other markets around the world. Visa plans to take the idea to the US and is also lining up 35 new partners to help expand the service, which is proving an affordable and convenient option for many SMBs.

The low-cost solution could be a lifeline for small and micro businesses, especially during the ongoing coronavirus crisis. Visa says it has seen tap to pay payments grow 40% year-on-year. Indeed, when surveyed many consumers have stated that they would not shop at outlets requiring them to have contact with a cashier or a card reader where contactless payment isn’t available. 

Visa Tap to Phone

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