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Webzen to release popular webtoon Slave B in France through Delitoon | Pocket Gamer.biz

Webzen has announced that they will be releasing their webtoon Slave B in France through the platform Delitoon. The webtoon, which is based on their popular MMORPG MU Online, arrived on the service on October 25th.

There are 20 episodes available, four of which viewers are able to watch for free. Beyond that, more episodes will be posted every Sunday. The move comes as part of an effort by Webzen to diversify the IP globally. The story has been penned by Lim-ins who also wrote the famous webtoon Let’s Fight Ghosts.

The series has proven popular in the regions where it’s currently available, having racked up 51 million views globally so far. In Korea and China, the series is found on webtoon platforms KakaoPage and Tencent Dongman respectively.

Slave B itself follows the story of Niro, a slave who looks to try and overcome his social status. To do this he begins to follow in the footsteps of King Muren, who also used to be a slave, by enrolling in the Excanum school where his adventure begins as he begins to experience more of the world.

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