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WFH? Tips for better Wi-Fi network performance

Whatever platform you use, you’ll want to optimize Wi-Fi performance when you work from home, as it’s hard to stay productive when your network crawls.

Start in the right place

Never ignore the basics:

  • Move your router so it is not on the floor and isn’t behind any large objects.
  • Update the software on all your equipment, including your router, printer and any other connected device.
  • Restart everything, including disconnecting your router from power for a moment or two.
  • Consider extending your network, or replacing it with a mesh network of some kind.

Change your Wi-Fi password

Changing your Wi-Fi password will knock all your devices (including those you’ve forgotten about) off the network; this is a good thing, as you can reintroduce them as and when you need them.

If you notice that network performance degrades when you add a particular item, it may be  generating network interference. Try switching that item off or removing it from your network: If your network performance then visibly improves, it’s likely the culprit and should be updated or replaced.

While it is a bit of a drag to change your password as you need to re-enter it on everything, it’s a good way to audit what devices you already have on Wi-Fi. It’s also a good way to kick off anyone unauthorized who may have been secretly using your network. 

Forget it, recall it

The old engineering maxim of “Switch it off and switch it on again” applies to everything in tech. So if your connection drops, you’ll often find you can fix it by simply restarting your router (and disconnecting it from power) for a minute or two.

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