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19 Best Gaming Christmas Ornaments For 2020

Though COVID-19 means Christmas 2020 certainly won’t look the same as previous years–big gatherings are still discouraged, and cross-country travel feels iffy–many families will still be putting up a Christmas tree, which means pulling out and hanging all the ornaments of years past. If your family likes to add new ornaments to the collection every year, you might be wondering what Christmas tree ornament to get for the gamer in your life. Though there aren’t a ton of great gaming-related ornaments out there, we’ve done the work for you in rounding up the best Christmas tree ornaments to gift in 2020, several of which are new from Hallmark this year.

Check out some of our picks for the best gaming (and gaming-adjacent) Christmas ornaments below, and for more gift ideas, see our 2020 holiday gift guide, including the best Nintendo gifts, PlayStation gifts, Xbox gifts, and PC gaming gifts. We’ve also rounded up the best stocking stuffer ideas for 2020, Funko Pop gifts, tech under $50, and more, so you’re sure to find something for everyone on your list who’s into gaming, tech, or pop culture.

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