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Amazon Prime Video Channel Users May Lose Access to HBO in 2021

(Image: Amazon)

Do you subscribe to HBO through Amazon? That option could be going away next year.

As CNBC reports, the deal that allows HBO Max to stream on Amazon Fire TVs also requires Amazon to pull HBO from its Channels lineup by 2021. Existing HBO/Amazon Channels subscribers will be able to log into HBO Max for no extra charge. But new subscribers who want HBO content next year will have to sign up via HBO Max, not Amazon.

Amazon rolled out Channels several years ago as add-on services for Amazon customers. It doesn’t offer discounts on streaming services, but it does group them all under one account and allows you to watch from the Amazon interface for one-stop shopping and billing.

Currently, Amazon Prime customers can access HBO programming for an additional $14.99 per month. There’s also a 7-day free trial for would-be subscribers to test out the service.

While you might assume HBO parent company WarnerMedia would welcome all opportunities to add new customers, CNBC notes that it wants control of its subscriber base—and their data. An ad-supported version of HBO Max is also in the works for next year.

Neither WarnerMedia nor Amazon have confirmed the deal. For now, users can continue to use their Amazon Channel as intended.

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