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Apple’s A14 chip has a superpower version for Macs

Apple will be using a superpowered version of the A14 chips used in the latest iPhones and iPads, devices that are already eviscerating all competing performance data inside future Apple Silicon Macs, a report claims.

Apple’s A14 chip has a superpower version

While we wait for macOS Big Sur, take a moment to consider Apple’s plans to field more powerful A-series chips inside future Macs, likely to be introduced next month.

What can we expect? We already envision these systems supporting the kinds of enterprise workflows likely to emerge post-pandemic, such as built-in AI, data analytics and cloud services and deployment.

What we didn’t know is the extent of Apple’s ambition. Will these new Macs be compromised systems that don’t yet deliver the kind of flexibility and performance we expect from Intel-based systems? Or will Apple deliver self-developed machines that match or exceed them?

The latest news suggest it will be more the latter than the first.

The China Times tells us the first Apple Silicon iMac will make its debut in early 2021, but also gives us the name of the chips Apple will use inside these Macs: The A14X and A14T.

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