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Demon's Souls Remake Guide: Every New And Old Ring Location

Throughout your journey in Demon’s Souls’ harrowing world, you’ll find a wide range of items that will help in your quest to restore the kingdom of Boletaria. While many of these items are weapons and armor, some of the most useful pieces of gear you’ll find are an assortment of rings for your characters. The usefulness of these rings can vary, but it will immediately become apparent that they can make or break your run.

In this spoiler-free guide, we have a rundown of where to find every ring in Demon’s Souls. In addition to selecting a few standouts that you should find at your earliest convenience, we also have some breakdowns of every other ring in the game–including the new ones added to the remake. In addition to this ring explainer, we also have a selection of tips for newcomers diving into Demon’s Souls for the first time.

High Priority Rings

Below are the rings you should make it a point to find. Each of these has incredibly useful effects that should help ease the difficulties of your journey. We also highlight the rings that are exclusive to the remake.

Cat’s Ring

This ring nullifies all fall damage, which can be advantageous when trying to speed through levels. The Cat’s Ring is located in the Valley of Defilement near the Leechmonger Archestone after defeating a nearby Black Phantom. Alternatively, you can also buy it from Patches after inviting him back to the Nexus following your confrontation with him in the Shrine of Storms.

Cling Ring

Allowing you to retain 40% more health while in Soul form, this ring is one of the most useful items in the game. The Cling Ring is in the first stage of the Boletarian Palace. Shortly after reaching the upper levels, you’ll encounter a Blue Eye Knight. Directly past it is a pathway that leads downwards. Once you reach the bottom, activate the switch to open the shortcut and access to the body that has the Cling Ring.

Providential Ring (Remake-Exclusive)

As one of the newer items in the remake, this accessory grants increased drop rates from enemies, including healing grass and crafting materials. You can acquire the ring by choosing it as your starting gift. Or if you have the deluxe edition of the game, you’ll find it waiting for you in Stockpile Thomas’ storage.

Ring of Great Strength

If you like carrying lots of stuff, this ring will give you a 50% boost to your equipment weight limit (allowing you to have more items equipped on your character). You can pick this up from the Dragon rest area in the first zone of the Boletarian Palace or by defeating Biorr the Twin Fangs in the Valley of Defilement.

Ring of Uneven Scales (Remake-Exclusive)

This ring is also a new one exclusive to the remake, raising your max item carry limit and equipment load. You can get it by trading a Gold Coin with Shirly the Crow in the first zone of the Shrine of Storms. Her hideout is located on the uppermost cliff of the area, which you reach by taking the secret passage and tunnels behind the Vanguard Demon.

Thief Ring

This ring will make it harder for enemies to detect you, and it’s located in a chest in the first zone of the Boletarian Palace. This chest is in the area where you first encounter the friendly knight Ostrava.

Sodden Ring (Remake-Exclusive)

Another new ring added to the remake is a unique item that can make your journey through the Valley of Defilement a bit more manageable. Located in the second zone of the Tower of Latria, you can find it on a body in the lower levels of the swamp, just after taking the makeshift elevator. This ring will grant you higher mobility when it swamps or murky terrain.

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Every Other Ring

While the rings we’ve mentioned above are high-functional, the others are also handy in their own ways. Below you can find the locations of the other rings you can find throughout your trek across the kingdom of Boletaria.

Clever Rat’s Ring

This item increases your attack power by 50% once your health drops below 30%. You can find it in the first zone of the Tower of Latria on the walkway with the giant automated ballista. You’ll need to disable the ballista to safely pick up the item, but if you’re feeling daring enough to risk going for it when it’s active, you just need to roll in time with the arrows in order to avoid getting hit.

Dull Rat’s Ring

Like the previous ring, this item will instead boost your defense by 50% once you fall below 30%. It can also be found in the first zone of the Tower of Latria by freeing Lord Rydell from his prison cell. To do that, you’ll first need to reach the next zone after defeating the Fool’s Idol. You can pick up the key by finding it on a wall by the Fool’s Idol Archstone. Head back to the first zone and make your way to Lord Rydell to free him and get the ring.

Eternal Warrior’s Ring

This ring increases stamina regen rates. You can get it by defeating Old King Doran in the Mausoleum area of the Boletarian Palace. Though he is not hostile, you can fight him in a friendly duel to gain a special sword. If you continue attacking him after gaining the sword, he will then go all out. If you manage to beat him, you can gain his armor set along with the ring.

Foe’s Ring

If you’re looking to follow the ways of a Black Phantom, then this ring will boost your attack power by 20% while invading other worlds. To find it, you can get it as a reward from Mephistopheles after slaying Yuria the Witch. Mephistopheles will arrive in the Nexus after you kill Yurt, the Silent Chief in the Tower of Latria.

Fragrant Ring

This item will slowly recover MP when you have it equipped. You can find it in four locations. First, you can easily get the item by choosing the Royalty class at the game’s introduction. You can also get it from other Sparkly the Crow or from Patches by trading items or souls, respectively. Lastly, you can find it in the swamplands of the Tower of Latria after the Fool’s Idol Archstone.

Friend’s Ring

When playing as a Blue Phantom, this ring will boost your attack power by 20%. You can acquire it from the Monumental if your character tendency is Pure White.

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Graverobber’s Ring

If you’re trying to avoid Black Phantoms while playing online, then this ring is for you. The Graverobber’s Ring will make it less likely for Black Phantoms to invade your game. You can find it in the first zone of the Shrine of Storms, shortly after the second fog gate. Alternatively, you can also get it fordefeating Graverobber Blige from a jail cell in the Shrine of Storms.

Master’s Ring

This item will increase direct hit damage (strikes from the very tip of a sword or a broadside of a heavy weapon) by 15% while decreasing damage from all other attacks. We would recommend that only those who have a firm grasp of combat wield it. You can get this ring by defeating Executioner Miralda in the first zone of the Boletarian Palace with Pure White world tendency or finding it in the Dragon God’s room in Stonefang Tunnel. For the latter, you can find it tucked away behind the second ballista.

Regenerator’s Ring

With this equipped, you will recover health overtime at a steady pace. You can get in the Shrine of Storms, in the Valley of Defilement’s second zone, or by trading a Jade Hair Ornament with Sparkly the Crow.

Ring of Avarice

This ring will grant you a 20% increase to souls gained from defeating enemies. You will be able to get this ring from the Once Royal Mistress in the Tower of Latria. Alternatively, you can find it in the second zone in the area where you reach the giant heart.

Ring of Devout Prayer

This special ring will add an additional slot for Miracle spells, allowing you to cast multiple healing and holy magic. You can trade the Moonlight Sword with Sparkly the Crow to get it or trading the Crest of Vinland with Selend Vinland in the second zone of the Valley of Defilement. Another way to get it is by defeating Saint Urbain in the second zone of the Shrine of Storms

Ring of Disease Resistance

This ring will grant you added resistance to disease damage. The Ring of Disease Resistance is located shortly after the Armor Spider Archstone once you reach the inside of the lengthy tunnel system. Another way of finding it is in the swamplands of the second zone of the Tower of Latria.

Flame Resistance Ring

If you’re having trouble with fire-based enemies, then this ring will grant you an increase in fire resistance. This ring can be acquired from Patches after disabling his trap in the second zone of Stonefang Tunnel or finding it in the blue dragon resting zone in the first zone of the Boletarian Palace.

Gash Resistance Ring

This ring will grant you added resistance to the bleed effect. To find this ring, you’ll need to defeat the Phalanx boss in the Boletarian Palace and proceed further to find a dead body, which has the ring. This item can also be acquired from Saint Urbain after interacting with Patches in the Shrine of Storms after the Adjudicator fight.

Ring of Herculean Strength

This item raises your general item carry limit. You can get it by giving the Jade Hair Ornament to Stockpile Thomas or killing him outright to loot his body.

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Ring of Magical Dullness

This ring will increase magic defense by 20% while also decreasing magic power by 40%. The Ring of Magical Dullness is found in the Valley of Defilement following the first fog gate or trading the Phosphorescent Pole with Sparkly the Crow.

Ring of Magical Nature

You can gain an additional Magic slot from this ring. You can get it from the room where Yuria the Witch is being held in the third zone of the Boletarian Palace.

Ring of Magical Sharpness

Like the Ring of Magical Dullness, this item does the inverse by boosting magic power at the expense of defense. This special ring is located on the 4th floor of the Tower of Latria.

Ring of Poison Resistance

This ring will grant you added resistance to poison damage. You can get it from the area where Executioner Miralda is located or by finding it in the first zone of Stonefang Tunnel in the area of the lava pit that gets cooled off.

Ring of Sincere Prayer

This increases miracle strength by 50% while also making the cast time 10% longer. You can get this ring by killing Maiden Astraea shortly after the Dirty Colossus Archstone.

Ring of the Accursed

This ring is a strange one, as it boosts aggro from enemies in the game. In addition to the time to gain soul when farming, it can also be useful when guiding players as a Blue Phantom. You can get it from the room where Yuria the Witch is being held or by defeating Mephistopheles in combat.

Ronin’s Ring

This ring will lower the weapon degradation rate on weapons. You can find it in the cave following the Adjudicator’s Archstone in the Shrine of Storms or by killing Scirvir the Wanderer in the second zone of Stonefang Tunnel.

Ring of Longevity

This ring will increase your maximum HP. You can get it by trading to Sparkly the Crow or having the Deluxe Edition for the game.

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