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Disappointing 5G Galaxy S21 & S21+ leak details lack of updates, plastic build

Whereas the Ultra-branded Galaxy flagship is set to receive an almost entirely new camera system, the Galaxy S21 & S21+ settle for the same setup used on the equivalent

models in March.

The good news is that the phones will support the same 8K/30fps and 4K/60fps video recording options as the Galaxy S21 Ultra. The improved Night Mode, Moon Mode, and Dual Recording Modes should be present too.

120Hz is returning, but without any improvements

A 6.7-inch AMOLED screen adorns the Galaxy S21+ and a 6.2-inch panel is featured on the Galaxy S21. However, these displays aren’t quite as good as the one used on the Ultra-branded device.

For one, Samsung has downgraded the resolution to Full-HD+ from Quad-HD+. In addition to this, while the 120Hz refresh rate is still supported, costs are being kept as low as possible by omitting the adaptive LTPO tech.

That essentially means the panels constantly run at 120Hz when the high refresh option is activated, so the impact on battery life will be much more noticeable. If you want the best possible battery life, 60Hz is really your only option.

Fortunately, Samsung hasn’t cut corners in the battery department. It’s said to have fitted the Galaxy S21 with the same 4,000mAh cell used inside the Galaxy S20, whereas the Galaxy S21+ boasts a much larger 4,800mAh one. 

Europe gets Exynos and the US gets Qualcomm

Ensuring maximum efficiency at all times are next-gen processors based on the 5-nanometer manufacturing process. Anybody based in the US will receive a Snapdragon 875-powered device, whereas those in Europe will have to settle for an Exynos 2100.

There is some good news, however. The sources of this leak believe the unannounced Exynos 2100 could be on par or perhaps even better than the Snapdragon 875, as well as more kind on battery.

The storage configurations haven’t been revealed yet, but 8GB of RAM and 128GB of storage seems possible. Of course, other models are to be expected and microSD cards will hopefully be supported.

Samsung Galaxy S21 & Galaxy S21+ prices, colors, materials

Exact Galaxy S21 & S21+ prices aren’t available at the moment, but Samsung is rumored to be lowering its prices to be more competitive and reflect the state of the economy as a result of the global pandemic.

Before talking colorways, it’s worth pointing out that the camera bump is integrated into the frame, so it won’t necessarily match the color of the rear panel on all variants.

Per the information provided today, the Galaxy S21 will be sold in Phantom Violet with a Copper frame, Phantom Pink with a Copper frame, Phantom White with a Bronze frame, and Phantom Gray (frame TBC).

The Galaxy S21+, on the other hand, is planned in Phantom Black with a Black frame, Phantom Violet with a Copper frame, and Phantom Silver (frame TBC).

As for the build material, the Galaxy S21 will be made out of plastic. It’s unclear which material will be used on the Galaxy S21+ because the response to plastic was more positive than Samsung expected and a final decision likely hasn’t been made.

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