Disney+ is only about a year old, but it’s already one of the most popular streaming services thanks to its combination of classic animated musicals, wacky DCOMs, and of course, all the Star Wars content you could ever want (including the new LEGO Star Wars Holiday Special). Now the streaming platform is expanding its reach to a new customer base: Latin America.

Disney+ arrives in Latin America and across the Caribbean with more than 40 Disney+ original productions, 500 movies, and 7,000 TV episodes. Everything from the classic sci-fi thrills of the Mandalorian to the heartfelt familial drama of Diary of a Future President are now available to many more potential subscribers. Here’s how much you can expect to pay per month in the new areas:

  • Argentina – ARS $385
  • Brazil – BRL $27,90
  • Chile –CLP $6.500
  • Costa Rica – USD $5.99
  • Mexico – MXN 159
  • Peru – PEN $25,90
  • Panama – USD $5.99
  • Colombia – COP $23.900
  • Uruguay – USD $7.49
  • Ecuador – USD $5.99

The company is also highlighting the fact that it has over 70 Latin American original productions currently in development across Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, and Colombia — that’s exciting, but it’s probably even more exciting if you actually live in one of these regions.

This is Disney’s latest expansion following its growth in Europe a couple months back as it continues its offensive against more established players like Netflix and Hulu.