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Epic Games brings video chat to Fortnite through Houseparty | Pocket Gamer.biz

Epic Games’ social app Houseparty will bring video chat to Fortnite.

As detailed in a site update, the new integration with the Houseparty app allows users to chat with friends, via video, whilst playing the hit battle royale title.

To begin with, the new chat option will be available to PC, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 players. However, they do need to have the app installed on either an Android or iOS device. Players will then need to link Houseparty to their Epic account.

For the time being, the integration is limited to the three platforms. However, the Fortnite team has claimed: “We will let everyone know if we’re able to support more platforms in the future.”

I see you

The only people that can join a users party are Houseparty friends. As such, only friends in your room on the app can see you. Furthermore, it is easy to block those you do not wish to have contact with.

Moreover, there is a lock option to prevent more Houseparty friends from joining the video chat.

The Fortnite creator acquired the social platform in June 2019, though the sum of the deal was not disclosed.

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