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Galaxy Buds Beyond might be Samsung's next pair of true wireless earbuds

Galaxy Buds LiveSource: Joe Maring / Android Central

After a year of successful true wireless earbuds including the Galaxy Buds+ as well as the Galaxy Buds Live, Samsung seems ready to go “beyond” to the next generation. In a recent US trademark filing spotted by 9to5Google, Samsung Electronics has officially trademarked “Galaxy Buds Beyond” on November 2, 2020.

Although manufacturers trademark a wide array of things including products that never go public, it’s not hard to assume that the “Galaxy Buds Beyond” are Samsung’s next generation of true wireless earbuds, especially when considering the timing of the trademark.

In 2020, Samsung released the Galaxy Buds+ alongside the Galaxy S20 lineup and the Galaxy Buds Live alongside the Galaxy Note 20 lineup. With leaks already coming out about the upcoming Galaxy S21, Samsung is most likely planning the Galaxy Buds Beyond as the 2021 follow-up to the Galaxy Buds+.

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No specific details other than the product name are known about the Galaxy Buds Beyond. However, if these are the true successors to the Galaxy Buds+, it will most likely sport a traditional earbud design over the more radical “bean-shaped” design of the Galaxy Buds Live, which may relieve those who are fans of the more traditional earbuds.

Like what we’ve been saying in our reviews, Samsung has been nailing it with its wireless earbuds in terms of both audio and design. It’ll be really interesting to see what it has in store for the Galaxy Buds Beyond and the rest of 2021.

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