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Google Pay continues to expand in the US, nearly 90 new banks now supported

Google Pay is pretty big in the US, and starting this week it will get even bigger. Currently, thousands of banks and financial institutions offer customers support for Google Pay, so the 89 names added this week will probably feel like a grain in the sand.The list of 89 banks that now support Google Pay is below, so if you didn’t find yours among the 3,000 supported banks listed on Google’s support site, you can look for it here. The list obtained by AndroidPolice is ordered alphabetically for easier reading

Ok, 3,000 is a big number, but there’s a chance that many Google Pay users won’t find their banks on this huge list. Well, judging by the constant wave of banks and financial institutions that are getting Google Pay support each month, sooner or later we’ll be able to use the mobile payment service across all America.

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