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Google will soon release a fix to a Pixel 5 battery percentage bug that’s been concerning users

Recently, some Pixel 5 users have reported on Google’s support forums of a problem with the battery percentage indicator on the phone being stuck. Reportedly, the bug does not affect all the phones and is present mainly when charging, where users state the battery percentage indicator does not change over extended periods of time.

Now, a software update will be coming soon to fix the bug, 9to5Google reports. A Google product expert has stated on the forum that the company is aware of the issue and a software update will be released to deal with it. Additionally, Google states that despite the indicator being stuck, that doesn’t mean that the battery isn’t charging or discharging as normal.

On Google’s forums, several users have been sharing their concerns over the abnormal battery percentage shown on their new Pixel 5s. They all report different percentages on which the indicator might get stuck. In some cases, restarting the Pixel 5 and then plugging it back in to charge fixed the incorrectly displayed battery information.

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