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How JustEat developed mobile apps for international audiences

I spent a little time watching some of the developer-focused presentations given at the recent Swift Heroes event, and an insightful explanation of the benefits of modular iOS app development from JustEat principal developer, Alberto De Bortoli is worth flagging up.

Fast growth? New problems…

Since its inception, JustEat has grown quickly; this led it to adopt a modular approach to development quite early on, De Bortoli explains.

The move followed a couple of years during which the company operated two distinct teams to handle development of its apps: One team was dedicated to the UK, where the company began, while the other handled apps for international markets.

Unfortunately, while this helped the UK team develop faster, the decision to run two groups also accelerated rapid code diversification as the apps diverged. As a result, the company became less able to deliver consistent experiences.

That’s when the decision to bring the teams together again took place. But doing so posed other problems, in part, because developers had become a little protective over the work they had done.

To reconcile this, the company decided to adopt a modular approach. It needed to find some way to move app development forward and — as it was expanding rapidly — completely rewrite existing code to avoid unpredicted consequences.

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