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How to change PS5 video capture formats

If you’re one of the growing number of gaming streamers, then you are probably interested in learning how to change the PS5 video capture formats before you start showing off your skills on Sony’s newest console. Luckily, it’s pretty easy to find these settings from the Dashboard of your PS5 console. We’ll walk you through how to get started so that you can get started impressing all of your friends, YouTubers, and Twitch streamers with your handiwork.

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How to change PS5 video capture formats

  1. From the PS5 Dashboard, click on the Settings icon in the top right corner.

    Ps5 Dashboard Explore

    Source: Android Central

  2. Scroll down and click on Captures and Broadcasts.

    PS5 Main Settings Menu

    Source: Android Central

  3. Click on Captures.
  4. Click on Video Clip Format to change the format of your video clip recordings.

    PS5 Captures and Broadcasts 1

    Source: Android Central

  5. Click on File Type to switch between MP4 and WebM formats. Note that if you want to record in 4K resolution, you have to select the WebM file format under File Type.

    PS5 Captures and Broadcasts 3

    Source: Android Central

  6. Click on Manual Recording Resoution to switch between 1080p and 2160p.

    PS5 Captures and Broadcasts 2

    Source: Android Central

  7. Click the toggle to Include Your Mic’s Audio or not.
  8. Click the toggle to Include Party Audio or not.

Now you know how to find and change the video capture settings on your PS5. If you are one of the many who have yet to pick up a new console, fear not! We have an ongoing list of the best places to find and purchase a PS5. Before you purchase, be sure to read our in-depth review, and check out all of the other great how-to guides to master your PS5 gaming experience.

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