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How to measure a person's height with iPhone 12 Pro

Earlier this year we showed you how the mighty smartphone competes with an actual measuring tape in… well, measuring length. We tested Android’s AR Core along with Apple’s own solution and the results were pretty solid. But now, with the new iPhone 12 series, we’ve got a gamechanger – the LiDAR system. ALSO Read:

LiDAR (originally called COLiDER – COherent Light Detecting And Ranging) is a method for measuring distances by illuminating the target with laser light and measuring the reflection with a sensor. It’s more accurate than ToF or other camera-based systems, which means that now we can measure someone’s height quite accurately using the iPhone 12 Pro/Pro Max. Let’s see how.

  1. You don’t have to download anything – the iPhone 12 Pro has the Measure app preinstalled. Just find the app and launch it.
  2. Get the person whose height you’re measuring into the frame. For an even more accurate measurement make the person stand next to a wall or make sure there aren’t objects around him or in the background, as they might interfere with the measurement. 
  3. The Measure app should automatically detect the person and show a line just above his head, along with the actual measurement.
  4. You can now take a snapshot of the measurement for further use by tapping the shutter button on the bottom right.
  5. To preview and save the picture, tap the screenshot shortcut at the bottom left, inspect the shot then choose Done, and Save to Photos or Save to Files.
  6. To make another measurement, just move away your iPhone 12 Pro to reset the current measurement and then repeat the steps above.

It’s quite a simple process, actually and you can use the Measure app to measure all kinds of things – your furniture, check if that huge TV set will fit on your stand, etc. It’s a familiar experience and if you’ve used the Measure app before, you’re already a measuring expert. The only difference is that now the iPhone 12 Pro and Pro Max use the LiDAR for extra accuracy. By the way, this sensor has some serious potential in the field of Augmented Reality, so stay tuned for some crazy AR apps coming your way pretty soon.

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