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How to prepare your Mac deployments for Big Sur

Mac-centric enterprises must now double-check their preparedness for the installation of the next iteration of macOS, Big Sur. It’s release is now imminent as Apple prepares for what is expected to be a Mac-focused special event Nov. 10.

Test and check

For larger Mac deployments, the release of the new (and free) operating system is likely to be a little more challenging than is customary, given so many are now working from home using Macs deployed early on in the crisis. Remote workers will need guidance concerning the upgrade.

It is also essential your company ensures data is securely backed up in line with any prevailing security or regulatory compliance, and that essential applications, particularly proprietary apps, will support the new OS on release. Taking these steps now is important to protect business continuity and ensure no unnecessary spike in IT support calls. 

Big Sur will reduce security vulnerabilities and also introduces some new IT management features, as explained below.

New IT management features

macOS-managed software updates is a flagship feature for enterprises; it lets administrators use MDM to delay software updates on supervised devices. The ability to do that gives you a chance to test critical apps and infrastructure elements before they are deployed across your company. This is, of course, particularly useful once it comes to supporting remote teams.

There are also many privacy and security enhancements across the system.

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