Klipsch has produced high-end audio gear for over 70 years, and the company released a pair of true wireless earbuds last year: the Klipsch T5. The earbuds sound great and have a unique design, and now you can get them for $69.97 on Amazon — a reduction of $30 from the usual price.

The T5 earbuds offer oval-shaped tips, USB Type-C charging, 8-hour battery life (plus another 24 hours with the case), and a unique metal case designed after Zippo lighters. We reviewed them last year, and found that they offer fantastic sound, but they lack some of the more advanced features present on other high-end earbuds. There’s no active noise cancellation, music doesn’t automatically pause when you take the buds out of your ears, and so on.

The earbuds are available to purchase from Amazon at the link below. Both the silver and black colors are on sale.