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Opinion: Why Verizon and Apple think iPhones are good for business

Verizon and Apple will showcase how iPhones and 5G networks can boost enterprise IT at a special event Thursday.

Every business is a mobile business

The event will see Apple and Verizon pay particular attention to how the device with 5G can be used across manufacturing, field services and healthcare, a Verizon press release explains.

The release takes particular note of use of the device in support of augmented reality and machine learning applications.

Good timing

Digital transformation has accelerated significantly across 2020 as business customers enjoin mobile technologies to help them through the current crisis. C

risis-driven challenges in supply, manufacturing and logistics is boosting investment in hyperautomation, machine intelligence and Industry 4.0; while the need to provision increasingly remote workforces is pushing what IDC predicts will be a 10%+ increase in cloud services provision across the enterprise.

Connectivity is a common need across all these tech-driven, productivity supporting implementations. It doesn’t matter how smart your factory-to-customer supply chain has become if key business units lack an Internet connection.

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