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Save Big On A Yearly Giant Bomb Premium Membership Right Now

We love our pals over at GameSpot’s sister site Giant Bomb, and in order to get access to awesome ongoing series like Sea Beasts, Mass Alex, and Breaking Brad, you need a Premium membership. With Thanksgiving quickly approaching, we’re thankful for the savings available on a subscription right now

Until November 30 at midnight PT, which is Cyber Monday, you can extend or buy a new Giant Bomb Premium subscription for $35. These subscriptions typically cost $50, amounting to a 30% savings. Gift cards are still $50 if you are purchasing the membership for someone else, but this will then last the lucky recipient 18 months instead of a year.

Want something physical to go with your subscription? Giant Bomb has you covered there, too Just look at professional model Matt Rorie showing off that tracksuit! There’s a 20% off sale on all merchandise including shirts, hats, Christmas ornaments with Alex Navarro’s face, glasses, hoodies, and mugs. In case you’re really thrifting, you can also check out the sale and clearance section of the Giant Bomb merch store, which features older designs for shirts and posters.

Of course, you can save big with Black Friday deals via GameSpot, too! We have a Black Friday deals hub that gives you all the info you need to purchase new games, next-gen consoles, and more.

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