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The Aston Martin Galaxy Z Fold 2 makes the standard model look like a bargain

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 bottome dge

  • Samsung has launched the Galaxy Z Fold 2 Aston Martin Racing Edition.
  • The special edition phone is limited to China and costs over $3,100.

We thought the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 is the only foldable phone worth buying, owing to its improved build quality, extensive list of features, and versatility. Unfortunately, the $2,000 price tag means the device is extremely expensive, even by 2020 standards.

The foldable is even pricier in China, retailing for 16,999 yuan (~$2,541) in the market. But if you thought that was bad, well, Samsung has a surprise for you. The Korean brand has teamed up with car manufacturer Aston Martin to launch the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 Aston Martin Racing Edition in the country.

The special edition foldable is equipped with 12GB of RAM and 512GB of storage, and will set you back a ludicrous 20,999 yuan (~$3,139). This makes it ~$450 more expensive than the vanilla Galaxy Z Fold 2 in the country and over $1,000 more than the base model’s US pricing.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 Aston Martin Racing Edition

The Galaxy Z Fold 2 Aston Martin Racing Edition packs a few extras for the price though, such as the Galaxy Watch 3 LTE, a limited edition T-shirt and cap, and a special edition case for the phone. Otherwise, you shouldn’t expect any additional branding or design extras on the phone itself.

Samsung is selling the special edition Galaxy Z Fold 2 via Tmall in China. Orders ship from November 6, but there’s no word on wider availability in other regions just yet.

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