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This early Black Friday deal has my favorite robot vacuum selling for cheap

I started using a Roborock S6 in my home last year and I instantly fell in love with it. They’re among the best robot vacuums and are definitely worth purchasing when at a regular price. But right now, select Roborocks are on sale thanks to some Black Friday robot vacuum deals that have select units selling for 35% off. That means the Roborock S6 is selling for only $420 instead of $650. Getting an amazing robot vacuum this cheap is definitely a steal. You should pick one up while the deal lasts.

But you might be asking, Rebecca, what makes these vacuums so great anyways? I’m more than happy to tell you. Roborocks all have an intelligent design that gets them to clean your rooms in an orderly back and forth fashion. That means you’ll always come out to perfect vacuum lines on your carpets, rugs, and hard floors, so you never have to worry about it missing sections of your home.

The perfect cleaner

Roborock S6

Leaves perfect vacuum lines

This robot vacuum is very intelligent, you can control it with the app or by talking to a smart assistant. You can set cleaning schedules, virtual no-go zones, or even use it to mop your hard floors. What I love most is that it always leaves perfect vacuum lines in my carpet. So when I come home my rooms look extra clean.

Because of Roborock S6’s intelligent cleaning, I can trust it way more than many of the other vacuums I’ve tested. You’ll still want to pick up loose cables and small items before letting it loose, but the sensors will prevent it from falling down stairs or aggressively running into your walls and furniture. Plus, if it runs out of battery while working, it will return to the dock, charge up, and then continue cleaning where it left off.

The Roborock S6 has a very handy app that maps your home and allows you to set cleaning schedules or put up barriers and no-go zones. For instance, in my home there’s a hobby room that usually isn’t very tidy. I never want the vacuum going in there and messing up my organized chaos so I’ve used the app to place a barrier in front of the doorway.

It offers great suction and does a fabulous job of picking up my hair, dirt from under the dog door, kitty litter from around my cat’s box, and even pet fur from my carpets. You’ll likely have to dump the dustbin out every one-to-two days if you have pets. But if you’re vacuuming regularly and don’t have animals, the bin won’t get full as often.

It does have a mop, so you can fill it up with water and then let it loose on your hard floor. However, it’s mostly just good for doing a quick wiping and not for scrubbing out difficult stains. The good news is that it squirts water very conservatively, which makes it dry up fast, so you don’t have to worry about it warping any wood flooring.

I personally prefer the white design for the Roborock S6. I’ve found that dust, my hair, my pets’ fur, and other debris show up a lot more on darker robot vacuums. But if you have dark hair or a pet with dark fur then you might want to go with the black unit. Seriously you should pick it up while this Black Friday robot vacuum deals are still going on.

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