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Watch The Trailer For Netflix's Weird Sports Show, Featuring People Chasing Cheese

Netflix has a new docuseries arriving on November 17 that explores what it takes to be a champion. However, none of the events covered on We Are The Champions are typical by any means, and the first trailer for the show proves that.

Narrated by Rainn Wilson–who also serves as one of the executive producers–We Are the Champions won’t be dissecting what makes someone great at basketball, soccer, or hockey. It will explore events like chasing a wheel of cheese down a steep hill or a pepper eating contest. Check out all the events for yourself below.

“We Are the Champions explores the quirkiest, most charming, and oddly inspirational competitions you never knew existed,” reads the official synopsis. “Each episode follows a unique competition, providing a window into a world of determined, passionate, and incredibly skilled competitors who put it all on the line to become heroes in their own extraordinary worlds. Featured competitions include Cheese Rolling, Chili Eating, Fantasy Hair Styling, Yo-Yo, Dog Dancing, and Frog Jumping.”

Even after watching that, can anyone actually explain what dog dancing is? However, 2020 has been a crazy year–to say the least–so Netflix’s lighthearted show may be just what we need. “We Are the Champions’ celebrates weirdness, finds beauty in idiosyncrasies, and demonstrates what it really takes to rise to the top: heart,” Wilson said. “As a self-proclaimed expert on the unconventional, I’m excited to introduce viewers to these small-world competitors with big-world dreams because, in this time, we could all use a hero–be it a dancing dog or the world yo-yo champion.”

We Are The Champions arrives on November 17.

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