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5 predictions for the Apple enterprise in 2021

We know Apple will introduce new iPhones, iPads, and Macs. We think we know it will plot a “Find My”-based tagging system and OS upgrades. But beyond easily anticipated iterations of its existing systems, what else can we expect in 2021 for the Apple enterprise?

Privacy and surveillance

Apple may appear somewhat isolated in its stance on privacy in the present, with Facebook and some governments seemingly determined to dilute the protection it provides. The company’s arguments — not least that privacy is a human right — are supplemented by the need for enterprise smartphone users to protect their corporate data.

Those arguments are also underlined by the impact of egregious attacks against democratic expression, such as those recently revealed to have taken place via NSO Group spyware. Such attacks illustrate the danger of untrammelled government surveillance in the hands of some regimes, and also show that once a weakness exists, it will be exploited. 2021 will see a lot more discussion on privacy, as individual and enterprise users wake up to its importance in a digital age.

If maintaining this level of protection demands a few advertising firms change their business plan, that seems a small price to pay – and some firms with a background in advertising may find themselves able to unlock unknown opportunities through this transition away from surveillance capitalism, transforming the ads industry landscape with new competition. Apple, meanwhile, will continue to innovate ways to protect users against increasingly invidious attacks on their privacy.

Remote working and collaboration

COVID-19 accelerated digital transformation, particularly around remote working.

We know the pandemic will not disappear overnight. Even if 7 billion doses of vaccine were available today, it would take a great deal of time to inoculate everybody.

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