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Action taken by Apple might have saved many from getting COVID-19

This New Year’s Eve is going to be a lot different than last year’s because of the pandemic. And that is why, to keep people safe, Apple yesterday removed an app called Vybe Together from the App Store. TikTok also closed Vybe Together’s account after the “secret party app” posted a video to promote large gatherings in New York City that seem to flout COVID-19 safety guidelines. Vybe Together allows users to find and create private parties. Only members approved by Vybe Together can use the app.

In an email sent to Business Insider, Vybe Together wrote “We are like Eventbrite, but way cooler. Vybe’s can be anything from playing board games to bachata with your neighbors. A lot of people have been isolated and lonely and we wanted to enable them to meet. We are aware that large gatherings are not okay and we do not promote them. If we see events are popular we take them off!” Obviously, this description of an event put together by the app doesn’t match the images seen in the video posted on TikTok. Vybe Together CEO Alexandar Dimcevski sent an updated email to Business Insider this morning in which he described the video promo as “over-the-top marketing.” The executive added, “We do not condone large unsafe parties during a pandemic.”

The Times’ Lorenz points out that the company behind the app is advertising for a social media manager/meme master to help it spread the word about the parties it promotes. Meanwhile a similar company, Eventbrite, has removed a pair of listings for huge parties to be held in San Francisco while keeping up invitations for hundreds of other New Year’s Eve parties.

The U.S. Center for Disease Control (CDC) has recommended that Americans stay home tomorrow night. The agency said that if you choose to go out, stay six-feet apart, wear masks, avoid alcohol and crowds, and don’t shout.

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