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Apple's Privacy Nutrition Labels, available now and good for business

Apple is introducing iOS 14.3, and among a host of improvements the upgrade introduces Privacy Nutrition Labels for apps sold at the App Store. This should be good for developers, enterprises and users.

What are Privacy Nutrition Labels?

Apple announced Privacy Nutrition Labels at WWDC 2020.

Under the scheme, developers selling apps on the App Store must explain the privacy practices of each app they sell.

That means quite detailed information concerning what data they collect, why and what they do with it must be provided to users considering downloading an app at the store in the form of what looks like a food nutrition label.

The idea is that users – including you and your employees – can engage in deep review of the privacy practises of apps you may permit use of on enterprise devices.

The scheme is only now being rolled out. Apple has asked developers to provide this information with their app since December 8, apps already available in store don’t need to have it, but as developers update existing apps they’ll be expected to include this information. The information they must share includes what and where data is being used, what for, and in what category (including financial and personal data).

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