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DeepCool Introduces the MATREXX 40 Micro-ATX PC Case

DeepCool has introduced the MATREXX 40 PC case, offering a unique front panel and a tempered glass side panel. The front panel features vertical ridges with air inlets between the ridges, and the limited air inlets don’t take away from the airflow from the internal components. The internal layout allows for larger components to be easily installed while providing sufficient airflow to the CPU cooler and the graphics card. DeepCool has yet to announce any pricing for the MATREXX 40 PC case or any availability information for the MATREXX 40.

The MATREXX 40 PC case features a unique ridged design and multiple air holes to ensure efficient airflow through the PC case

The MATREXX 40 features a unique design characterized by vertical ridges, and these vertical ridges easily hide the air inlet holes in the front panel. This PC case also features a tempered glass side panel, allowing PC builders to see the internal components with ease. This PC case features an all-black design with a PSU shroud and a solid metal side panel.

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Source: DeepCool

For compatibility, this PC case features a maximum graphics card length of 320 mm, a maximum CPU cooler height of 165 mm, and a maximum power supply length of 160 mm. This widespread compatibility ensures that even powerful PC systems can be built inside this PC case. The MATREXX 40 PC case offers a wide array of storage, and this PC case can support two 2.5″ SSDs and two 3.5″ HDDs through the drive cage. This drive cage can be removed if not being used for the additional storage that it can provide. The supported motherboard size ranges from Mini-ITX to Micro-ATX.

Source: DeepCool

The MATREXX 40 PC case features support for either six 120 mm fans or four 140 mm fans, with three 120 mm or two 140 mm fans mounted to the front panel. The top panel features support for two 120 / 140 mm fans with a single 120 mm fan mounted to the PC case’s rear.

This PC case features a 20 mm cable clearance to ensure that the side viewed by the tempered glass side panel is clean and looks fantastic. DeepCool has yet to announce any pricing information or when this PC case will be available for purchase.

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