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Goodgame Studios reaches 500 million registrations across its portfolio | Pocket Gamer.biz

Free-to-play games specialist Goodgame Studios has surpassed 500 million registrations across its portfolio.

Currently, the company’s most popular game is Goodgame Empire. However, its mobile version, Empire: Four Kingdoms, has also attracted plenty of attention.

Moreover, since their respective launches, Goodgame Big Farm and Big Farm: Mobile Harvest has brought in millions of players.

Earlier this year, Goodgame Studios teamed up with Amazon to offer exclusive Mobile Harvest content to Prime subscribers.

Great success

“Delighting half a billion customers with our products is more than just a milestone, it is a commendation of our strategy of developing lasting, competitive products that we continually expand with new content, while adapting to a highly dynamic market,” said Goodgame Studios CEO Oleg Rößger.

“Our key factors for success include the extremely high level of commitment we receive from our employees, their love for our products and the industry, and our users’ long-term loyalty and activity.”

“In-depth, productive cooperation within the Stillfront family provides us with new opportunities to develop innovative, high-performance products and achieve further success within a highly competitive environment.

“This is a particularly attractive position for us, and we are very motivated to continue expanding our portfolio over the coming years.”

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