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Google adds feature to improve Pixel photos that is already found on the iPhone

According to Android Police, Google has recently improved the system it uses to make it easier to take perfectly level photos using the Google Camera app. To take a picture that is level, you’ll need to make two level indicators (one in yellow and one in white) appear. You can make these lines surface by holding your phone still and upright. Try to adjust the camera until both lines lie on top of each other creating a single yellow indicator in bold. When this occurs, it means that you are holding your Pixel level which is great for pictures of famous landmarks. Even better, if you own a Pixel 4 or later you will feel a slight haptic feedback when the phone is perfectly level.

If you want to take a top-down photo (which simply means a photo taken with the camera above the subject at no angle allowing you to capture the top surface of the frame), hold your phone straight down to make two sets of crosshairs (+) indicators appear. Adjust the phone until the yellow and white crosshairs are lying on top of each other.

The crosshairs are also available to take level photos on your iPhone. Simply go to Settings > Camera and toggle on Grid. Hold the phone still over the subject for a few seconds and you’ll see the white crosshair and the yellow crosshair. Line them up by moving the phone and you’ll have a level photo.

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