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How to create your own custom Chrome address bar actions

I love shortcuts. Anything that can save me time and make getting around my devices more efficient is a welcome addition in my world.

And for me, at least, there’s no better place for a speed-boosting injection than the humble internet browser. Like so many of my fellow modern mammals, I spend most of my day gazing into the soul of Chrome’s barely-there borders — particularly on my desktop computer, where almost everything I do takes place within those four virtual walls.

That’s why I was delighted to see that Google was working on a new system of Chrome address bar actions — a feature officially known as Chrome Actions that launched with the most recent Chrome update. That’s also why I was disappointed to realize two things: First, the feature still hasn’t made its way to me or lots of other people, it seems, despite the Chrome update itself arriving some time ago (an almost comically cliche Google move known not-so-affectionately among enthusiasts as the “trollout”). And second, the feature is pretty limited in what it’s actually able to do and how it’s able to do it, anyway.

Well, fear not, my efficiency-adoring amigos, for I’ve got instant fixes for both of those irksome issues. It occurred to me that there’s an incredibly easy way to emulate exactly what Google’s doing with this new Chrome Actions system and create your own custom browser address bar shortcuts this very second. You can make those shortcuts even shorter and thus faster to use, too — and you can make ’em take you practically anywhere imaginable within your browser or across this wild ol’ web of ours.

Ready to make your life a little bit easier?

Deconstructing Chrome Actions

All right — first things first: Let’s refresh ourselves on how Google’s official Chrome Actions feature works and what it can actually do right now.

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