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LG's rollable smartphone will be here a lot sooner than we thought

LG VelvetSource: Alex Dobie / Android Central

LG is set to steal Oppo, Xiaomi, and Samsung’s thunder next year by becoming the first company to offer a rollable smartphone. We’ve been hearing about this phone for quite some time, of course, but a new report from Korean outlet ETNews sheds more light on the company’s plans at large, with three new smartphones planned for early 2021.

Of these, two are slated to be flagship devices. The most eye-catching of the two will, of course, be the company’s rollable phone, rather unimaginatively codenamed the LG Rollable. It’s is said to feature a 6.8-inch screen that extends to 7.4 inches when fully stretched out. The phone, which the company had previously teased at the Wing launch event, is expected to launch in March 2021.

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While LG’s phone will have to contend with the likes of the Galaxy Z Fold 2 and Galaxy Z Flip, its rollable screen will present it with some significant advantages over the current slate of foldable phones. For one, because the screen is never folded, it’s not going to become wrinkled over time. In addition to that, the phone is expected to be both thinner and lighter than foldable smartphones.

And while other companies are also pursuing the same goal, LG has extensive experience in the field. Earlier in the year, it even showed off a 65-inch, 4K rollable TV for an eye-watering $60,000.

In addition to this, the company will also release a traditional flagship to succeed the LG V60, codenamed Rainbow. The phone is said to take its design cues from LG’s widely acclaimed Velvet, while also packing the top-of-the-line specs it’ll need to be a true flagship, courtesy of a Snapdragon 888. It’ll also support a Wacom active stylus, making it a perfect replacement for Samsung’s soon-to-be-killed Note series.

Last but not least, the LG Q83 will be the company’s mid-range offering and will likely be part of the K-series brand internationally. The phone will purportedly feature a ‘unique rear camera design’ and will support 5G connectivity.

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