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T-Mobile is having Android 11 issues on Samsung's Galaxy S20 series

Most of the time it feels like T-Mobile customers have it all. Affordable plans, free lines, awesome 5G speeds on an unimaginable scale for Verizon or AT&T, massive holiday discounts for some of the greatest Android phones out there, not to mention sweet little treats and gifts distributed each week with absolutely no strings attached.

But the “Un-carrier” is not perfect, and when it comes to major software updates, its arch-rivals sometimes do a better job of getting things started. 
While waiting a few more days for something as big as Samsung‘s Android 11-based collection of One UI 3 goodies might not be construed as a serious inconvenience by many users, a rollout that needs to be halted for unknown reasons seems like an entirely different kettle of fish.
Of course, if you’re already running the newest version of Android on a Magenta-flavored Galaxy S20, S20+, or S20 Ultra and haven’t noticed anything wrong with your phone, you should… count your blessings, and well, do nothing else at the moment. But if you’ve yet to download or install the One UI 3.0 goodie pack, the smart thing is probably to wait until T-Mobile clears the air. Hopefully, the updates will be back up and running by Christmas.

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