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TapNation to host its first $150,000 game jam in January | Pocket Gamer.biz

TapNation is set to host its first game jam of 2021 between January 4th and January 31st.

Furthermore, there are unlimited spaces within the competition. Each team will have one month to produce a game; those with the best CPI and retention will be declared the winners.

The top three participants will win a slice of the $150,000 prize pool as well as a range of high-tech gifts. However, there is also a chance to work with TapNation up for grabs.

Moreover, a range of experts will help to judge the contest, with each one able to choose their favourite game. The developers of the selected titles will be awarded a jury prize.

Participating developers will have until January 31st to hand in their games.

Get hyper

“We are very happy to host the first hyper-casual game jam of the year, which is also the first one for TapNation,” said TapNation head of publishing Kinsey Dardanus.

“This will be a very exciting experience for us and for all the developers that we are going to work with. We hope that everyone is going to have a good time by creating amazing games together.

“We also plan on organizing Masterclasses, live discussions and Q&A sessions during the whole Jam Nation, so make sure you tune in to these events.”

To find out more, you can visit the event’s page here.

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