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The Best iPhone X Battery Cases in 2020

The iPhone X kickstarted a major redesign of Apple’s iPhone range, and that design is still broadly kicking about in the iPhone 12 — even if Apple has made some changes to the formula. But just because it still looks good, doesn’t mean the 2017 hardware isn’t starting to creak a little. While the high-end processor is still probably doing fine, it’s likely your battery is starting to give.

If that’s the case for you, and your battery is really struggling to make ends meet, you could replace your battery. Or, if you’d rather not have someone open your beloved phone, maybe invest in a battery case. These power-full cases do add some thickness to your sleek device, but they’re an excellent way to provide extra juice on the go. Here are some of the best iPhone X battery cases still available today.

Mophie Juice Pack Access Battery Case — 2,000mAh

Mophie’s Juice Pack cases are the gold standard where battery cases are concerned, so we’re delighted it’s still offering the Juice Pack Access for the iPhone X. It doesn’t come with the largest capacity around and offers just 2,000mAh — about a third of some of the largest battery cases. But that’s still enough to boost your battery life significantly, and what you lose in extra battery power, you gain in a slimmer profile and an extremely high-quality build. A series of LED lights on the back shows how much battery you have left, and you can click the power button to turn on charging. It’s made from tough polycarbonate, which means it’s also pretty protective. However, it’s certainly not cheap.

Casely Geo Rose Gold Marble Power Case — 4,100mAh

Cases can be used to add a new style to your phone’s design, and that’s true where Casely’s Power 2.0 battery cases are concerned. This case has Casely’s mind-bending Geo design, in rose gold with a marble effect, and it’s just absolutely stunning. It’s fully headphone jack compatible (so you can plug your Lightning headphones in through the case), and it charges on your Lightning cable and supports wireless charging. It’s solid and protective, and while it’s quite expensive, the 4,100mAh battery is pretty huge, and the style speaks for itself. Not a fan of the design we’ve picked? Check out Casely’s full collection and choose one more to your style.

Punkjuice Waterproof Battery Case — 3,600mAh

Waterproof cases are fairly rare, but waterproof battery cases are almost unheard of — which is why we were so surprised to see this waterproof battery case from Punkjuice. Punkjuice claims it’s waterproof, dirt-proof, drop-proof, and snow-proof. Alright, it’s not the most stylish of cases — adds a significant chin to the bottom of your phone and increases the bezel around the edge — but it adds some pretty good all-around protection as well as 3,600mAh of additional battery. The four LEDs on the back let you see how much energy you have left, so you won’t be caught out. Unfortunately, it’s not exactly cheap, but you might have expected that from this level of all-around protection and power.

$90 from Punkjuice

Feob Battery Case — 6,500mAh

If you’re just looking for the most bang for your buck, then Feob’s battery case with an absolutely enormous capacity of 6,500mAh should be right up your alley. That should be enough to see you through to the next outlet on long journeys or trips outdoors. A battery of that size adds some serious bulk to your device, though — as Feob is at pains to point out — it doesn’t add the big chin you’ll often see on other battery cases. LEDs show you how much power you have left, and it’s equipped with sync-through tech, so you don’t have to take the case off to connect your iPhone to your computer.

Alpatronix BXX Qi-Enabled Battery Case — 4,200mAh

Another great choice for an all-around battery case, this wireless charging-enabled Alpatronix case adds a great amount of extra capacity in a subtle shell. Specially programmed to charge the phone first and the case second, it’s perfect for anyone who can’t bear to give up their new wireless charger for extra battery capacity. The 4,200mAh-rated battery should provide at least 12 extra hours of talk time, and the design will provide some protection against drops and bumps. The downsides? The case charges by Micro USB connection, and while you can still connect to your PC with that, that means no Lightning headphones. It’s also fairly bulky, adding a sizeable chin to the bottom of the device. Still, this is a solid battery case — oh, and it comes with a free iPhone X tempered glass screen protector too.

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