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Unreleased Galaxy S21+ 5G gets compared to iPhone 12 Pro Max in leaked video

Samsung Galaxy S21+ vs iPhone 12 Pro Max

The new video doesn’t confirm anything extra in terms of Samsung Galaxy S21+ features, but it does reveal how the redesigned camera bump compares to the one found on the iPhone 12 Pro Max, which is currently one of the largest on the market.
The module itself is around half the size of Apple’s in terms of width but a little bit longer. The invididual cameras seem to be roughly the same size, although the ones included on the Galaxy S21+ ultimately look smaller because Samsung hasn’t added metal rings around each sensor like Apple.
On the topic of camera specificaitions, the Galaxy S21+ and iPhone 12 Pro Max aren’t too different. Both phones include 12-megapixel main cameras and 12-megapixel ultra-wide-angle shooters. 

Where they differ is in the zoom department. Apple has fitted its deviec with another 12-megapixel camera coupled with a 2x telephoto zoom lens. Samsung, however, is said to have chosen a 64-megapixel shooter capable of 1.1x optical zoom or 3x hybrid zoom.

The Galaxy S21+ has a much better looking display than the iPhone 12 Pro Max

Checking out the sides of both devices corroborates recent leaks in regards to the frame. Whereas Apple has switched over to an entirely flat frame, Samsung has decided to retain the rounded-edge design that’s still very popular for another year. 

Together with the thinner bezels and taller aspect ratio, this all means the Galaxy S21+ should feel a lot more comfortable to hold than its iPhone counterpart.

The iPhone 12 Pro Max uses the same notch and bezels that were introduced on the 2017 iPhone X. Samsung, on the other hand, has adopted a much more futuristic look that consists of a small punch-hole for the selfie camera and razor-thin bezels.

The bezels are so thin on its new Galaxy S21 series that Samsung has apparently come up with a new name for them — Blade Bezel.

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