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After what feels like a year you can finally buy a Wyze Cam v3

If you were hotly anticipating the Wyze Cam v3 since our review late last year, then I have some good news for you. Starting today, you can actually finally buy one. $20 gets you 1080p color night viewing with a chunky f/1.6 aperture and tremendously improved low-light performance, a wider field of view, higher video framerate, and all packed in an IP65-rated enclosure.

If you can’t tell, I’ve been waiting for this to land since our review last year. The mix of price and features forced us to give it a 9/10 rating, and as someone on a budget looking to load up my new house with some external cameras, it seemed like the obvious buy, but the wait has been interminable. I had honestly expected that Wyze would miss its original January estimate, but it just managed to make it.

For more details, you should read our full review, but our impressions were very positive, especially considering the $20 price tag. Wyze managed to improve the video framerate and expand the FoV. Sure, it’s still “just” 1080p, but the new Starlight full-color mode can make the middle of the night look like the early evening.

These two videos, which AP’s Stephen Schenck called “an order of magnitude brighter than the scene appeared to the naked eye,” convinced me to wait for this camera. 

I should point out that Wyze device ownership isn’t all bargain basement sunshine and roses. There’s no 5GHz Wi-Fi support, free cloud storage has some limits, and the Wyze app that you’ll use to manage devices is pretty terrible. Mine frequently fails to send me alerts, crashes, and randomly signs me out. But for $20, I’ll happily suffer such indignities compared to dropping ten times as much on a Nest camera.

Between on-device looping recordings and free cloud recordings for alerts (12 seconds saved for 14 days with a 5-minute cooldown between), I feel pretty comfortable with the security presented by the company’s products, even if things could be better. And with a Cam Plus subscription running just $1.25 a camera per month, I’m sorely tempted to upgrade for things like package detection and unlimited recordings with no cooldown — and, again, it’s cheaper than what Google’s charging.

The Wyze Cam v3 outdoor power adapter.

On top of the Wyze Cam v3’s general availability, the company is also announcing three new accessories to go with it. There’s a $10 spotlight attachment, available now, to improve color night vision in especially dark environments. Coming later in February, you can also get a $12 outdoor power adapter specifically designed to plug into the camera’s water-resistant rat tail and a $5 window mount meant to reduce glare.

The Wyze Cam v3 spotlight (left) and window mount (right).

Interested folks can pick up a Wyze Cam v3 at the company’s storefront starting now, and the line begins behind me. I have held our coverage by five minutes after the embargo to make sure I get my order in ahead of the rabble.

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